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Whether your needs involve residential or commercial property, real estate ownership, tax information, lien information, document retrievals or recording services; Abstracts/Trustees of Texas is the place to come to for affordable, reliable service.

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Statewide Property Records Research

  • Asset Searches
    1. Search of County Clerk Grantor-Grantee Records for any property currently or recently owned by  subject of search
    2. Search of County Tax Records for any property now owned by subject of search
  • Bankruptcy Searches/Retrievals
    1. Search of Bankruptcy Records to determine any Bankruptcy of Record.
    2. Retrieval of files from Bankruptcy Clerk
  • Document Recording and Retrieval
    1. Record documents in the appropriate jurisdiction of Public Records.  24-48 hour turnaround in most counties.  48-72 hour turnaround in remote counties
    2. Research Public Records to locate and retrieve regular or clerk certified copies of documents.  24-48 hour turnaround in most counties.  48-72 hour turnaround in remote counties
  • Fifty-Year Level One Environmental Abstracts - Call For Availability
    1. Deed of search for subject property to include all owners of record, from date of first deed up to fifty (50) years back
    2. All leases of record for subject property
    3. All easements of record for subject property
    4. Any other matter of record  relating to the environmental quality of subject property
  • Home Equity and Home Improvement Title Searches
    1. Last Deed of Record (copy provided)
    2. All open Deeds of Trust and Mechanic’s Liens (voluntary liens)
    3. Judgments and Liens of Record against property and current owner (involuntary liens)
    4. Federal and State Tax Lien search for current owner
    5. Lawsuits pending as shown in County Clerk Records
    6. Ad-valorem tax information including tax appraised value (upon request)
  • Pre-Foreclosure Abstracts (Title Letters)
    1. Complete title history to include all record owners beginning at Deed to Grantor of oldest Deed of Trust still owing
    2. Complete Lien assignment chain from original Grantee in Deed of Trust to current record holder of lien
    3. All additional liens of record on property found in County Clerk Records
    4. Search for Abstracts of Judgment, property tax liens, and liens by affidavit against current owners or property found in County Clerk Records
    5. Search for Federal Tax Liens and State Tax Liens on current owner or any party names in title from Deed of Trust date to present
  • Tax Lien Searches
    1. Search of County Clerk Grantor-Grantee Records for State and Federal Tax Liens of Record
    2. Search of Tax Lien Records if separate from Grantor-Grantee Records
    3. Retrieve copies when requested

Statewide Foreclosure Services

  • Foreclosure Posting and Reading
    1. Filing of "Notices of Sale" with County Clerk, and posting of copy in the place designated by the Commissioner's Court of the county
    2. Return file-stamped copy to client
    3. Conduct the foreclosure sale
    4. Recording of all documents: Assignments, Appointments, Trustees Deed, Affidavits, etc.


Statewide Eviction Appearances

  • Attend Forcible Entry and Detainer (eviction) hearings in Justice Court
  • Return copy of judgment to client

Courtesy Closings

  • Receive closing documents by overnight service or e-mail
  • Meet with Borrower and notarize all documents
  • Return all signed and notarized documents to client immediately
  • HELOC loans require 48 hours advanced notice

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